Taking care of your health and body is important to maintain an active, strong, and flourishing lifestyle. However, there are times that the body’s immune system tends to respond when injured, wounded, or hurt and may result in inflammation. It is necessary to know and understand the causes and symptoms of this condition in order to minimize the pain and reduce the swelling that the body may experience.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the fundamental part of the body’s response and attempts to heal after an injury and wound. It opposes and defends the foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria. This is characterized by redness, swelling, soreness, and sometimes pain and immobility.

One better thing about inflammation is that it lessens or effaces the infections and contaminations that a wound may cause. On the other hand, it can also be threatening when the immune system triggers an inflammatory response when there’s no need to fight off foreign invaders and may result in damaging its own tissues.

What are the types of inflammation?

Acute and chronic are the two types of inflammation. Acute inflammation is the body’s initial response to infection, injury, or anything that causes irritation. It emerges merge after a cut in the skin, a sprained ankle, or a sore throat. It is brief and its effects suppress easily. Contrarily, prolonged swelling is called chronic inflammation. This is due to the autoimmune diseases in which the body somehow becomes confused and strikes the normal cells and tissues.

What are the symptoms of inflammation?

There are different symptoms of inflammation such as redness, warmth swollen joint, pain, and stiffness. It may also be associated with flu-like symptoms like fever, chills, loss of energy, headaches, muscle stiffness, and loss of appetite.

What are the causes of inflammation?

There are four categories of the causes of inflammation. First, the physical causes that include injuries, burns, and foreign objects such as splinters hurting the skin. Second, the chemical causes that include toxins and chemicals invading the body. Third, the biological causes that include irritants like bacteria, viruses, even stress, and hypersensitivity. Lastly, the psychological conditions like excitement and embarrassment.

What are the best ways to reduce inflammation?

Here are some of the best and easy ways and strategies to help reduceand lessen inflammation.

  1. Always eat protein in every meal. Eating protein all throughout the day- breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner- is very helpful for the liver in detoxifying harmful chemicals that might be drudging in the bloodstream. You may focus on protein sources like chicken, fish, and eggs.
  2. Do yoga. Regular yoga practice could slow the harmful effects of stress and inflammation. Slow movements and deep breathing during this kind of exercise helps the blood flow and warm up muscles. Also, moving from one pose to another improves the range of motion in joints.
  3. Drink Green Tea. There are lots of benefits that can be gained by drinking green tea and reducing inflammation is one thing. It contains natural substances that fight free radicals and help the body detoxify itself. It also contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that are significant for the one’s health.
  4. 4. Minimize gadgets from the bedroom. Electronic gadgets can pose possible risks and harmful hazards to the health. It can lead to inflamed tendons, thumb joins and index fingers. Also, light from the screens can throw off the body’s ability to have a good night sleep and may result in a surge of inflammatory hormones.
  5. Avoid sweetened beverages. Too many added sugars drink like the sweetened beverages or sodas leads to obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation. This effect can last for a considerable amount of time and may turn to long-term health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  6. 6. Get enough sleep. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep at night may result in increased levels of inflammatory markers in the bloodstream. It can prompt one’s immune system to turn against healthy tissues and organs. It can also trigger then a cellular pathway that produces tissue-damaging inflammation. Also, lack of sleep can affect the way you behave when you’re tired and lack sleep spikes up inflammation. Inadequate stress makes a person more sensitive to stress.
  7. Enjoy a massage. A massage is one effective way to stay healthy. It has been widely used as an aid to reduce pain and promote recovery of injured muscles. Receiving at least 45-minute Swedish massage can greatly lower the levels of inflammation-promoting hormones, improves blood flow, and reduces tissue stiffness. Massage also increases the amount of disease-fighting white blood cells in the body.
  8. Seize and eat a handful of nuts. Eating nuts as part of a diet is good especially for the heart. This great snack food contains unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamin E and other nutrients perfect in keeping the heart healthy. This eating habit is also effective in lowering levels of inflammation linked to heart disease.
  9. Filter and distill your water. Drinking more water is a good advice. However, there’s a possibility that tap water might contain chemicals that might lead to inflammation that’s why it is important to filter it to ensure that what you are consuming is safe and safeguarded.
  10. Use a natural patch for inflammation. Pain and soreness due to inflamed muscles are common every after training and workout. Sometimes, it takes a while for your body to heal and recover. But with the use of StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch, recovery time is finally fast, swift, and rapid. This natural patch for inflammation make sure that athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those who workouts regularly at the gym, gain strength, energy, and stability as quickly as possible.

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