The first thing your customers will do once they hear about your company is to check whether it is legitimate. They won’t confirm this by coming to where your business is located. They will go online to find any information they need to know. If your business has no online presence where will these potential customers find the information? Your business needs that online presence as much as it needs the loyalty of its customers. Here are some benefits you will get for taking your business online.

Wide geographical coverage

An online business is able to cover a wide geographical area and even bring you customers from outside your country. A global recognition for your business is a good thing since more customers means more sales and more profit. You can use the social media to attract as many people to your business as you can and acquire that global recognition that your business needs.

Cost saving

A business that operates online will not incur additional costs such as construction or more staff. It’s also easier to
access your customers since you will not have to go and find them physically. Setting up a website is not expensive either; you only need a few dollars for webhosting, domain name and maybe email marketing costs. You can reduce operational costs by receiving your orders; getting payments and marketing your products online hence reduce the cost of hiring more staff for customer service.


An online business gives faster and easier respond to customer orders, queries and any other information effectively. You will not need more administrative tasks to serve your customers. You can respond to customer queries faster by creating FAQ section where all customer queries are answered. This will ensure you don’t need to explain the same thing many times to different customers since they can always refer to FAQ section. It will reduce your work load and serve your customers faster. Faster respond to your customers will ensure your customers are satisfied and this will result to happier and loyal customers.

24/7 activity

An offline business may not be able to operate on a 24 hour basis unless you hire extra staff to work on a night shift which will be more expensive. With an online business you will not need to incur extra costs for your business to operate 24 hours. Your customers can access your business and place orders at any time of the day including public holidays and weekends. So if you are still operating an offline business, think of the money you are loosing whenever you close in the evening or during weekends.

Creating a good image

Customers will always go online to search for your company information and look for any reviews or testimonials. If they don’t find you online they will question your legitimacy and even think you are not serious. Lack of online presence means you cannot compete with other businesses because most of your competitors are now online.

An online business comes with many benefits such as financial freedom, more clients and a good reputation. If you are still operating your business the traditional way, you are on the verge of falling since you cannot compete effectively. These are enough reasons to make you think twice about the goals of your business.