Think first of what people want to buy and offer it instead of offering products that you want to sell. An example is you discover a new shoe brand that is good for you but thinks first if it is the trend if not stick with what people tend to buy. Next thing you want to do is pay all your debts immediately if you have the funds to do so, debts are very annoying to the business and if not paid early the interest will grow over time which will cost your business more keep that cash flowing.

Business means earning which means your business must have more cash going in than going out, to do so you must have the patient to search for the cheapest reliable supplier to you and make sure to pay your employees on due time for them not to neglect work which will cause you a lot of trouble if they do so. If you are thinking ahead always think of overestimating your expenses and underestimate your revenue this will give you the edge in the future.