Those who just decided to start a business will soon realize it can become costly. In fact, startups face so many expenses like office rent and employee salaries. You can add that to your daily expenses like food and clothes. Because of that, other people choose to eliminate marketing strategies altogether which would be a big mistake. Besides, how will people notice your brand if you don’t make an effort to get the word out? Here are some marketing strategies that don’t cost much:


It’s a must to have a blog section on your website that contains numerous articles. Don’t forget to research how you can implement SEO strategies so your website would appear at the top of Google rankings when someone searches for keywords related to your brand. It may take a while of researching but you only need to exert time for this strategy. When that happens, more people will read the articles on your blog and know more about the brand. Of course, you must make sure the articles have perfect grammar or people will get turned off. Also, make sure the title is catchy so people would want to click on it. After all, it’s not enough for it to be on top of Google rankings. If nobody thinks the topic is interesting, nobody would click on it. Hence, it would be best to hire seasoned writers to write trending topics for your website.

Social Media Marketing

A lot of startups have resorted to boosting Facebook posts because of its effectiveness. You only need to spend a small amount of money to reach a large audience. Another way to make your presence felt on Facebook is to advertise on Facebook groups that have a lot of members. In fact, there are some who do it at groups that aren’t related to what they’re offering. They may get insulted for what they’re doing but it’s worth the risk. Besides, some of the members in that group may be interested in what they’re offering. For example, an employee in a real estate company decides to post an advertisement in a Facebook group for dog breeders.


It doesn’t cost much to establish a referral program so if you have the time, go for it. Some incentives you can tell referrals would be giving them cash discounts for their next purchases. Besides, a person would invest in something if other people tell him to buy it. It’s not only peer pressure but that person would want lots of opinions from his friends especially if the item he wants costs a lot of money.

Press Releases

When there’s something new about your brand, you can put it in the form of a press release. After that, contact all the news journalists you know and find out who would want to publish it. Some of them would be more than happy to publish it for free. Good thing, this strategy only takes up your time. It will be worth it because of the feedback it generates.